Bath Archives and Local Studies

Work areas: feasibility study

We worked with Bath and North East Somerset Council on a feasibility study to identify the options for the creation of a public research and information facility based on the Archives and Local Studies collections held by the Council. The archives needed to move because of the changing use of the listed building in which they are located. As well as addressing this basic requirement for new premises, the feasibility study also addressed the development of the service and how it could develop its offer by including the Council local studies library and other local archives. The project also explored the possibility of improving knowledge and access to the collections through developing work with schools and other groups.


The feasibility study established a vision for the facility. We ran a workshop which reviewed all of the options for the delivery of the services. The study developed the preferred option and looked at the financial and service implications.


Plymouth History Centre

Work areas: business planning, options appraisal, audience development

This project involved a partnership between Plymouth Record Office, Plymouth Museum, the naval and local studies library, South West Film and Television Archive and the University of Plymouth. Our role involved project managing the development of the partnership: defining the roles of different organisations in delivering a service that met the needs of the academic community, serious researchers and leisure visitors while also embracing community outreach activities.


As well as advising the partners on the HLF application process, we prepared a range of documentation including an options appraisal, business plan and audience development plan. We worked with the partners to develop a building specification and undertook a site feasibility study based on that specification. Building on the aims of the project, we developed an operational model for the centre that would allow the separate partner organisations to work together behind the scenes and provide an integrated front-of-house service.